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On this day, May 31st, we remember the birth of these Confederate Soldiers
Pvt Benjamin B Adams (2152) — Co. B 3rd Inf. GA
Pvt Durant L Arnold (1842) — Co. K 11th Inf. MS
Pvt Calvin Atwood (1835) — Co. K 43rd Inf. MS
Pvt John W Billington (1844) — Co. B 1st Lt.Arty. MS
Pvt Albert E Brown (1841) — Co. E 11th Inf. GA
Cpl W B Brown (1813) — Co. A 10th Inf. Old MS
Pvt Andrew S Burns (1824) — Co. L 18th Inf. TX
Pvt J C Cartwright (1821) — Co. A 24th 25th Cav. TX
Pvt Daniel Casey (1843) — Co. I 17th Inf. LA
Pvt John T Couch (1841) — Co. F 22nd Inf. MS
Pvt O P Cox (1844) — Co. I 32nd Inf. GA
Pvt Lorenzo D Davis (1844) — Co. A 44th Inf. NC
Pvt William T Davis (1837) — Co. A 16th Inf. AR
Pvt Henry S Dawkins (1840) — Co. H 33rd Inf. MS
John C Dell (1841) — Co. F 25th Inf. GA
Sgt W A Dobbs (1833) — Co. I 2nd Cav. MS
Pvt John M Elam (1839) — Co. H 20th Inf. AL
Pvt Leonard P Ellington (1841) — Co. C 40th Inf. MS
Pvt William N Epperson (1841) — Co. D 26th Inf. MS
Cpl Alfred Eubanks (1834) — Co. A 28th Inf. AL
Pvt Robert C Ferguson (1830) — Co. B 29th Inf. TN
Andrew J Flowers (1824) — Co. G 10th Cav. St.Guards GA
John Gardner (1842) — Co. C 58th Inf. VA
1st Lt Levi Wolcott Goodrich (1836) — Co. G 1st McCullochs Cav. TX
Pvt William Googe (1841) — Co. F 47th Inf. GA
Pvt T B Grubbs (1844) — Co. E 2nd St.Cav. MS
Pvt T A C Harbin (1822) — Co. D 65th Inf. GA
Pvt James K P Henderson (1844) — Co. K 9th Inf. New AR
Pvt Peter Hicks (1833) — Co. F 21st Inf. NC
Sgt Joseph A Higginbotham (1828) — Co. I 19th Inf. VA
Pvt Levi Hooper (1823) — Co. G 65th Inf. GA
James W Hughes (1836) — Co. F 2nd Cav. 1st TX
Pvt S M Johns (1824) — Co. K 5th Inf. GA
ColorSgt Giles W Jones (1841) — Co. I 13th Inf. NC
1 Lt Richard V Jones (2152) — Co. H 4th Inf. GA
Cpl J M Kimberly (1824) — Co. I 2nd Res. GA
Pvt James B McCreight (1840) — Co. L 48th Inf. MS
3Lt Rufus L McNeil (1822) — Co. E 1st Pattons Inf. MS
2 Lt B F Meadows (1833) — Co. I 32nd Inf. GA
Pvt Samuel H Moore (1836) — Co. I 19th Inf. TX
Pvt John C Morgan (1846) — Co. K 8th Inf. NC
Pvt Charles S Morton (1830) — Co. K 14th Inf. MS
Pvt William D Oliveira (1833) — Co. F 25th Inf. GA
Pvt Ira Ellis Perry (1837) — Co. A 49th Inf. GA
Pvt Benjamin F Pickett (1837) — Co. L 27th Inf. MS
2Sgt J L Redding (1840) — Co. K 2nd Inf. GA
Pvt James W Ricks (1825) — Co. F 50th Inf. GA
Pvt John Rish (1837) — Co. E 59th Inf. GA
Pvt Simeon L Sanders (1839) — Co. B 1st Colquitts Inf. AR
Col J W Speight (1825) — Co. 15th Inf. Col. TX
Pvt Bennett Robert Stoddard (1832) — Co. L 1st Inf. TX
Sgt Moses B Strowd (1831) — Co. K 29th Inf. MS
Pvt D S Stuckey (1847) — Co. D 63rd Inf. GA
Pvt John W Talley (1844) — Co. G 3rd Cav. VA
Pvt James Taylor (1844) — Co. A 37th Inf. MS
Pvt James E Thompson (1843) — Co. A 4th Inf TX
Pvt Richmond Tate Vaughn (1846) — Co. K 22nd Inf. NC
Lt Charles R Warren (1826) — Co. A 33rd Inf. MS
Capt Samuel Y Webb (1836) — Co. G 8th Inf. LA
2Sgt D J White (1835) — Co. E 6th Inf. MS
Pvt Wiley W Williamson (1836) — Co. F 27th Inf. MS
Pvt Andrew J Windham (1842) — Co. F 23rd Inf. MS
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