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On this day, February 26th, we remember the birth of these Confederate Soldiers
Pvt John Henry Adams (1842) — Co. I 15th Inf. MS
Edw G Andrews (1827) — Co. H 25th Inf. GA
Pvt Joab A Armentrout (1834) — Co. B 146th Mil. VA
Thaddeus B Blankenship (1845) — Co. A 2nd Arty VA
1Lt Henry T Botts (1838) — Co. A 30th Inf. VA
Pvt Lafayette Daniel Bowen (1847) — Co. E 3rd Res. GA
Cpl J M Brashears (1836) — Co. D 7th Cav. TX
2Sgt Columbus C Brice (1832) — Co. H 28th Grays Inf. LA
Pvt Sidney C Broaddus (1833) — Co. 7th Cav. KY
Pvt Abner Brown (1826) — Co. E 49th Inf. GA
Pvt William L Brown (1846) — Co. D 22nd Inf. GA
Sgt William Henry Bryant (1848) — Co. F 57th Inf. GA
Pvt C L Carter (1827) — Co. G 49th Inf. AL
Pvt Rufus A Chappell (1846) — Co. G 2nd Cav. GA
Pvt J N Clark (1839) — Co. G 13th Inf. GA
Sgt Absolom Melton Coleman (1840) — Co. E 31st Inf. MS
Cpl Peter Corn (1834) — Co. D 51st Inf. VA
Pvt T T Davis (1837) — Co. K 18th Inf. VA
Pvt Andrew J Denmark (1840) — Co. A 24th Inf. MS
Pvt Louis Dubberly (1840) — Co. B 4th Inf. AL
Pvt Thomas J Dye (1846) — Co. K 44th Inf. MS
Capt J C Fears (1837) — Co. F 11th Cons. Cav. MS
Pvt Thomas J Fields (1843) — Co. B 65th Inf GA
Pvt A M Fite (1827) — Co. F 10th Cav. TX
William H Fizer (1829) — Co. I 34th Inf. VA
Pvt R J Franks (1835) — Co. A 8th Inf. GA
1Lt George P Gardner (1832) — Co. E 22nd Inf. MS
Sgt John Ellis Gibson (1829) — Co. K 47th Inf. GA
Lt H B Grissom (1832) — Co. H 2nd Cav. MS
John R Grubb (1824) — Co. C 45th Inf. VA
Pvt William A J Hall (1841) — Co. C 12th Inf. GA
Pvt Francis L Hardwick (1844) — Co. C 6th Cav. TX
Pvt J M D Haygood (1831) — Co. I 32nd Inf. GA
Pvt William Hebert (1840) — Co. C 6th Inf. LA
Larkin Hill (1839) — Co. K 6th Inf. New AL
William M Hunter (1841) — Co. B 38th Inf. GA
Capt Thomas E King (1829) — Co. H 7th Inf. GA
Pvt Alexander J Lavergne (1841) — Co. F 8th Inf. LA
Elijah W Little (1834) — Co. K 40th Inf. MS
Pvt Isaac S Loftin (1832) — Co. E 40th Inf. MS
Pvt Rueben T Loggins (1847) — Co. H 24th 25th Cav. Cons. TX
Musician Robert J Lowry (1836) — Co. G 3rd Inf. AR
Samuel McCamish (1811) — Co. I 43rd Inf. TN
Capt J C C Moss (1815) — Co. E 11th Inf. AR
Pvt Levi Murphree (1820) — Co. F 8th Cav. MS
Pvt Jackson V Nicholson (1836) — Co. E 1st Reg. GA
Pvt J F Norman (1830) — Co. B 6th Inf. MS
Pvt William Crawford Parham (1832) — Co. A 43rd Inf. MS
1Lt A A Paul (1834) — Co. 10th Mil. 1st Lt. GA
Pvt Lewis Farmer Payne (1847) — Co. H 1st Inf. GA
Pvt John L Pearce (1834) — Co. C 9th Inf. LA
Pvt Stephen Post (1830) — Co. D 20th Cav. VA
Pvt Thomas J Poteet (1840) — Co. A 52nd Inf. NC
Daniel W Poythress (1838) — Co. F 25th Inf. GA
4 Cpl Henry W Pritchett (1839) — Co. A 65th Inf. GA
Pvt George C Reeves (1839) — Co. K 11th Inf. MS
1 Sgt William W Rich (1844) — Co. G 52nd Inf. GA
Pvt Peter A Rogers (1842) — Co. C 2nd Cav. MS
Pvt W V S Rogers (1836) — Co. G 7th Cav. MS
Cpl John E Seale (1827) — Co. F 40th Inf. MS
Pvt John Skinner (1835) — Co. B 17th Inf. LA
Pvt Willis M Smith (1836) — Co. B 60th Inf. GA
Pvt Samuel Spinks (1830) — Co. G 10th Cav. TX
Pvt Francis Marion Starling (1843) — Co. F 16th Inf. MS
Pvt R P Strickland (1843) — Co. F 26th Inf MS
Frank T Stuart (1840) — Co. E 21st Inf. MS
Sgt Dempsy F Sullivan (1828) — Co. I 16th Inf. LA
Pvt Jackson S Synco (1828) — Co. D 34th Inf. MS
Pvt Benjamin Teston (1848) — Co. C 50th Inf. GA
Pvt James A Torian (1843) — Co. A 4th Inf. TN
Pvt William H Vann (1840) — Co. I 5th Inf. AR
Pvt E Vicknair (1844) — Co. E 22nd Inf. LA
John Walding (1834) — Co. D 53rd Part.Rangers AL
Pvt Daniel R Warren (1832) — Co. B 16th Inf. LA
Pvt Richard White (1824) — Co. G 20th Inf. MS
Muscian Thomas W White (1842) — Co. K 5th Inf. GA
Capt H Brooks Wilkinson (1819) — Co. D 1st Crawfords Cav. AR
Pvt Samuel Williams (1839) — Co. F 34th Inf. AR
Pvt William A Woodall (1846) — Co. A 29th Inf. AL
Pvt William A Youngblood (1843) — Co. K 1st Lt.Arty. MS
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