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On this day, October 1st, we remember the birth of these Confederate Soldiers
Lt M V Adams (1832) — Co. C 2nd Cav. TX
Pvt William Alford (1827) — Co. D 8th Cav. MS
2Lt J W Allen (1843) — Co. K 10th Inf. AR
Sgt S V Arbuthnot (1834) — Co. F 16th Inf. LA
Pvt George W Ash (1836) — Co. A 34th Cav. TX
Pvt W P Avett (1841) — Co. E 27th Inf. TN
Pvt John T [Thomas] Baker (1839) — Co. K 16th Inf. AR
Pvt William W Barrett (1827) — Co. A 17th Cav. TX
Pvt Simeon M Bland (1846) — Co. D 66th Inf. GA
Lt A T S Bobbitt (1826) — Co. C 35th Likens Cav. TX
William Y Boyd (1842) — Co. H 18th Cav. TX
Pvt George Breland (1831) — Co. D 9th Cav. MS
Pvt William T Brewster (1839) — Co. A 35th Inf. GA
G C Burns (1845) — Co. F 5th Cav. GA
Pvt Andrew J Bynum (1806) — Co. B 28th Inf. AL
Pvt James Caraway (1820) — Co. I 3rd Res. GA
Pvt Snide M Carlton (1830) — Co. H 46th Inf. AL
5 Sgt Phillip Hudgins Chastain (1836) — Co. B 23rd Inf. GA
4 Sgt Pickney Polk Chastain (1836) — Co. E 65th Inf. GA
Pvt William F Clark (1818) — Co. F 2nd Cav. MS
Pvt Thomas H Clower (1838) — Co. F 20th Inf. MS
Pvt John B Cole (1840) — Co. B 2nd Mtd.Inf. KY
Sgt Francis Collier (1820) — Co. C 4th Res. GA
Cpl Thomas J Conner (1834) — Co. H 10th Inf. GA
Pvt Albert F Coon (1830) — Co. K 4th Cav. LA
Sgt James Polk Cox (1844) — Co. G 2nd Rifles SC
Pvt J I Daniel (1842) — Co. D 5th Cav. GA
Pvt Solomon T Darden (1840) — Co. C 11th Inf. MS
Pvt Howard Havens Davidson (1827) — Co. D 8th Cav. 1st VA
1Lt William J Dean (1835) — Co. I 33rd Inf. AR
Pvt W A Ellet (1842) — Co. B 14th Inf. TX
Pvt Efili English (1837) — Co. G 49th Inf. GA
2Lt James F Estes (1830) — Co. B 16th Inf. TX
Pvt Martin Fahey (1837) — Co. C 15th Inf. TN
Pvt William M Featherston (1822) — Co. E 40th Inf. MS
Pvt Benjamin F Feazel (1837) — Co. I 12th Inf. LA
1Sgt/Lt John B Finch (1830) — Co. D 12th Inf. TX
Pvt Mathew Fiveash (1819) — Co. I 27th Inf. GA
Pvt J T Flynt (1832) — Co. C 43rd Inf. MS
Pvt William H Freeman (1842) — Co. A 7th Inf MS
Pvt F M Garrett (1845) — Co. B 32nd Inf. GA
Pvt A J George (1844) — Co. G 6th Inf. MS
Pvt Lucius H George (1842) — Co. K 45th Inf. GA
2Lt George M Greenwood (1839) — Co. D 2nd Mtd.Rifles AR
Pvt William N Gunn (1834) — Co. E 10th Cav. GA
Sgt A W Harper (1843) — Co. H 11th Cav. GA
Pvt Lindsy Harper (1836) — Co. H 65th Inf. GA
Pvt S Hart (1835) — Co. G 59th Inf. GA
James A Hartman (1842) — Co. F 43rd Inf. TN
Cpl Lewis T Henderson (1843) — Co. A 13th Inf. SC
Sgt A P Hilliard (1840) — Co. E 31st Inf. GA
Pvt John William Hilligoss (1841) — Co. B 2nd Bn.Mtd.Rifles KY
Pvt James S Horton (1824) — Co. D 5th Inf. MS
Pvt David L Howard (1835) — Co. A 4th Inf. GA
Pvt J L Hudson (1836) — Co. C 59th Inf. GA
1 Sgt James J Johnson (1826) — Co. H 35th Inf. GA
1Lt George W Johnston (1839) — Co. H 45th Inf. GA
Pierce Lovick Kelley (1831) — Co. K 23rd Cav. TX
Pvt William Kitchens (1841) — Co. E 17th Inf. TN
Pvt John M Land (1841) — Co. G 15th Inf. MS
Pvt William B Land (1825) — Co. A 20th Inf. SC
Pvt Robert B Lewter (1842) — Co. K 3rd Cav. TX
Pvt William D Lumpkin (1833) — Co. B 46th Inf. GA
Pvt John D Lybrand (1845) — Co. A 9th Inf. AR
Pvt John Manasco (1843) — Co. D 24th Inf. MS
2Lt D T McCallum (1848) — Co. E 2nd Inf. AR
Pvt E S McCollum (1835) — Co. K 60th Inf. GA
Pvt John W McGee (1842) — Co. F 29th Inf. 2nd VA
Pvt E I McIver (1833) — Co. E 45th Inf. AL
Pvt Joseph Medlin (1841) — Co. A 48th Inf. NC
Pvt J M Murdock (1818) — Co. E 13th Inf. GA
Caot Dee Newton (1835) — Co. B 33rd Inf. AR
Capt D A Nunn (1836) — Co. I 4th Cav. TX
Pvt Green L Parsons (1842) — Co. B 10th Inf. AL
Pvt J A Puckett (1830) — Co. G 39th Inf. GA
SgtMaj Green Campbell Renfroe (1838) — Co. G 15th Inf. AL
Pvt Alexander Rogers (1845) — Co. D 16th Inf. LA
John M Roquemore (1840) — Co. G 35th Inf. GA
Pvt Thomas S Sanders (1832) — Co. D 37th Inf. GA
Pvt Anton Schneider (1825) — Co. G 10th Inf GA
Capt Jeremiah Spence (1833) — Co. G 54th Inf. VA
Pvt Moses Sterne (1835) — Co. D 13th Inf. GA
Pvt O F Swinney (1840) — Co. K 41st Inf. GA
Pvt Charles W Tanner (1837) — Co. I 15th Inf. MS
AsstSurg A Taylor (1836) — Co. 26th Inf. Sgt. GA
Pvt H H Taylor (1845) — Co. A 18th Cav. VA
2Sgt Lewis Webb (1827) — Co. I 2nd Inf. GA
Pvt John P Weeks (1845) — Co. G 42nd Inf. MS
Private George Williamson (1846) — Co. A 32nd Inf. GA
Pvt Joseph M Williamson (1843) — Co. K 17th Inf. TN
Pvt Walter Wills (1844) — Co. B 11th Cav. GA
5th Sgt Moses Payne Ayers (1819) — Co. H 24th Inf GA
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