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On this day, January 26th, we remember the birth of these Confederate Soldiers
Sgt J A Alsup (1825) — Co. C 28th Cav. TX
George Armentrout (1846) — Co. I 19th Cav. VA
Pvt Thomas J Atchison (1843) — Co. H 10th Inf. VA
Sgt Zachariah W Bailey (1845) — Co. D 14th Cav. TX
Pvt A Balkcom (1848) — Co. E 5th Res. GA
1Sgt/Lt Lewis H Barry (1843) — Co. G 4th Inf. TX
Pvt G R Baskin (1824) — Co. B 27th Inf. LA
Benjamin Becnel (1819) — Co. E 18th Inf. LA
Private Thomas M Blackwood (1846) — Co. K 8th Cav. LA
Pvt William Bloomfield (1827) — Co. H 2nd Cav. St.Guards GA
Pvt J W Bois (1833) — Co. 25th Inf. LA
1Lt Ernest Bonvillain (1830) — Co. K 26th Inf. LA
Pvt William Bowen (1837) — Co. D 40th Inf. VA
Pvt John T Brasher (1828) — Co. D 31st Inf. MS
Pvt William Fisher Brewer (1841) — Co. B 49th Inf. GA
Pvt Archibald Buie (1824) — Co. C 22nd Cav. TX
Pvt Edwin J Burch (1845) — Co. E 48th Inf. GA
Pvt Alexander L Bussey (0184) — Co. B 3rd Inf. LA
Surg W A Cantrell (1825) — Co. 1st Mtd.Rifles Surg. AR
Pvt G D Collins (1845) — Co. A 16th Inf. MO
Pvt Henry Copeland (1825) — Co. E 50th Inf. GA
Cpl Peter M Crawford (1844) — Co. I 14th Inf. MS
Pvt Alfred B Cross (1844) — Co. F 3rd Inf. VA
Pvt J W Danks (1847) — Co. 2nd Cav.. LA
Pvt John Davenport (1841) — Co. B 26th Inf. Atkinsons GA
Pvt Ferrier David (1853) — Co. B 18th Inf. LA
Pvt J A Dempsey (1846) — Co. F 19th Inf. GA
Pvt William H Dismukes (1835) — Co. D 45th Inf. AL
Pvt W J W Donnell (1842) — Co. F 23rd Inf. 1st TN
2Lt Lewis C Dorroh (1833) — Co. C 1st Kings Inf. St.Troops MS
T J Dunlap (1830) — Co. B 2nd Cav. AR
Pvt James E Dunn (1849) — Co. A 27th Inf. LA
Pvt S F Earnest (1841) — Co. E 60th Inf. GA
Cpl Eli English (1828) — Co. K 33rd Inf. AL
1Sgt Joel E Fairchild (1835) — Co. B 37th Inf. NC
William Fisher (1840) — Co. G 5th Cav. TX
Pvt W P Ford (1848) — Co. D 6th Cav. LA
Pvt B F Fudge (1822) — Co. F 29th Inf. GA
Pvt Henry A Garrison (1848) — Co. D 21st Inf GA
Pvt William P George (1846) — Co. C 11th Inf. MO
Pvt James M Gordon (1833) — Co. C 31st Inf. MS
Private Zachariah P Gordon (1826) — Co. B 12th Inf. GA
Pvt W T Guy (1833) — Co. I 2nd Inf. GA
Capt Thomas J Hamilton (1813) — Co. K 48th Inf. GA
Capt John E Hanna (1840) — Co. I 3rd Inf. LA
Pvt F H Hayes (1846) — Co. D 5th Res. GA
Pvt William S Hinds (1828) — Co. I 12th Cav. TX
1Lt H C Hopper (1824) — Co. G 15th Inf. TN
Thomas Benjamin, Sr Hurst (1845) — Co. D 9th Cav. VA
Cpl I W Kendrick (1845) — Co. E 55th Inf. GA
Pvt William H Knight (1836) — Co. H 1st Inf. TX
Pvt Edward Krebs (1841) — Co. G 4th Cav. TX
Pvt William Lambert (1846) — Co. E 25th Inf. GA
Jeremiah Leeman (1841) — Co. C 22nd Cav. TX
Pvt Isaac D Luna (1839) — Co. F 2nd Inf. MS
Sgt J M Lyles (1845) — Co. K 6th Inf. MS
Pvt Isaac H Martin (1841) — Co. D 9th Inf. LA
Pvt James Martin (1845) — Co. K 43rd Inf. TN
Pvt Olly N Mattison (1823) — Co. C 42nd Inf. GA
Pvt Benjamin Mayo (1820) — Co. E 3rd Res. GA
Pvt Thaddeus Mayo (1835) — Co. B 18th Inf. LA
Pvt S D McClure (1838) — Co. C 60th Inf. GA
Pvt H B McKnight (1834) — Co. H 26th Inf. SC
Cpl H C Mock (1843) — Co. G 13th Inf. GA
Cpl James E Moore (1831) — Co. D 17th Inf. 2nd Org. NC
Pvt Daniel P Perkins (1843) — Co. D 29th Inf. MS
Pvt M T Pitzer (1847) — Co. K 17th Cav. VA
Captain Thomas Rabb (1831) — Co. D 33rd Cav. TX
Pvt Moses Rider (1840) — Co. I 43rd Inf. GA
Pvt J E Sanders (1836) — Co. E 5th Inf. 2nd TN
Pvt W A Sapp (1837) — Co. B 3rd Cav. GA
Pvt W F Sedgwick (1845) — Co. D 9th Inf. FL
1Sgt W C Sessums (1830) — Co. I 46th Inf. MS
Hugh D Shaw (1843) — Co. G 19th Cav. TX
Pvt Nelson B Shutt (1827) — Co. 5th Inf. GA
Pvt John A Taylor (1833) — Co. E 49th Inf. GA
Pvt Seth Granberry Travis (1822) — Co. B 5th Inf. St.Troops MS
Pvt John F Trout (1836) — Co. A 19th Dawsons Inf. AR
Sgt William R Vickers (1842) — Co. E 6th Inf. TX
Pvt Alex Wade (1843) — Co. F 24th Cav. TX
John Weaver (1820) — Co. H 25th Cav. TX
Pvt W J Weaver (1846) — Co. H 28th Cons. Inf. TN
Pvt Isaac Williamson (1826) — Co. C 28th Grays Inf. LA
Pvt B F Young (1823) — Co. A 3rd Inf. MS
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