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T W Tabor

Birth: 26 May 1833

Death: 9 Feb 1917

(Aged 83 years, 8 months, 14 days.)

Burial: Cartecay United Methodist Church Cemetery
Cartecay, Gilmer County, Georgia, USA

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Served in Company K, 11th Cav., Georgia as 2Lt

Unit Details:
11th Cavalry Regiment was organized near Athens, Georgia, in November, 1864, by consolidating the newly formed 30th Georgia Cavalry Battalion and four companies raised under the authority of the War Department where the conscript act could not be enforced. The unit was assigned to the Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, and served in M.W. Hannon's and R.H. Anderson's Brigade. It fought at Savannah, but many of the men were captured. In February, 1865, only 90 effectives were present and in April most of these were captured at Macon. Colonel Andrew Young, Lieutenant Colonel H.W. Barclay, and Major Madison Bell were its commanders.
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