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J R Ogden

Birth: 8 Dec 1841

Death: 17 Jun 1914

Burial: Piney Grove Cemetery
Odum, Wayne County, Georgia, USA

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Served in Company B, 54th Inf., Georgia as Pvt

Unit Details:
54th Infantry Regiment, organized at Savannah, Georgia, during the summer of 1862, contained men recruited in the counties of Lamar, Appling, Harris, Muscogee, Bartow, Chatham, and Barrow. The unit moved to the Charleston area and was involved in numerous conflicts including the fight at Battery Wagner. Later it was assigned to Mercer's and J.A. Smith's Brigade, Army of Tennessee. The 54th participated in the Atlanta Campaign, Hood's Tennessee operations, and the Battle of Bentonville. During the Atlanta Campaign, July 20 to September 1, it reported 93 casualties and in December, 1864, totalled 168 effectives. The regiment surrendered on April 26, 1865. Colonel Charlton H. Way, Lieutenant Colonel Morgan Rawls, and Major William H. Mann were in command.
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