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A G Phelps

Birth: 15 Sep 1843

Death: 18 Nov 1908

Burial: Metairie Cemetery
New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana, USA

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Served in Company I, 1st Cav., Louisiana as Pvt

Unit Details:
1st Cavalry Regiment, organized at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, during the late summer of 1861, recruited its members in Baton Rouge and the parishes of East Baton Rouge, Rapides, St. Landry, and Orleans. It skirmished in Tennessee and Kentucky, fought at Murfreesboro and Chickamauga, then was active in the Knoxville Campaign. Later the regiment was on duty in Southwest Mississippi and East Louisiana. In March, 1865, it disbanded. The field officers were Colonel John S. Scott, Lieutenant Colonel James O. Nixon, and Majors Gervais Schlater and J.M. Taylor.
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