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James E Davis

Birth: 15 Sep 1837

Death: 22 Feb 1924


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Served in Company C, 39th Inf., Alabama as Pvt

Unit Details:
39th Infantry Regiment was formed in May, 1862, at Opelika, Alabama. Its members were drawn from Pike, Barbour, Henry, Walker, and Russell counties. Immediately sent north, it was assigned to General Gardner's Brigade but saw little action during the Kentucky Campaign. The regiment was later under the command of Generals Deas, G.D. Johnston, and Brantley. It was prominent in the arduous campaigns of the Army of Tennessee from Murfreesboro to Atlanta, moved with Hood into Tennessee, and fought its last battle at Bentonville. This unit reported 95 casualties at Murfreesboro and lost thirty-one percent of the 310 engaged at Chickamauga. During December, 1863, it totalled 337 men and 219 arms. On April 26, 1865, less than 90 officers and men surrendered. The unit was commanded by Colonels Whitfield Clark, H.D. Clayton, and William C. Clifton; Lieutenant Colonels James T. Flewellen and Lamuel Hargrove; and Majors Colin McSwean and Drewry H. Smith.

Possible gravesites:
Profile photo:  James DavisJames Davis
1842 - 1925
Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery
Summit Hill, Carbon County, Pennsylvania

James Davis
1835 - 3 Jan 1925
Municipal Cemetery
Galveston, Galveston County, Texas

James Davis
9 Aug 1840 - 3 Feb 1925
Pine Grove Cemetery
Shelburne, Shelburne County, Nova Scotia, Canada

James Davis
1839 - 1924
Saint Pauls Church Cemetery
Amityville, Berks County, Pennsylvania

James Davis
18 Aug 1838 - 14 Jun 1923
Edwardsburg Cemetery
Edwardsburg, Cass County, Michigan

Profile photo:  James DavisJames Davis
5 Sep 1838 - 25 Dec 1923
Clear Run Cemetery
Bridgeton, Parke County, Indiana

James Davis
1842 - 20 Feb 1924
Saint John's Parish Cemetery
Perth, Lanark County, Ontario, Canada

Profile photo:  James Briggs DavisJames Briggs Davis
17 Sep 1836 - 3 Nov 1924
Ferndale Cemetery
Ferndale, Humboldt County, California

James C. Davis
22 Apr 1837 - 11 Apr 1924
Lone Star Cemetery
Mountain Grove, Wright County, Missouri

Profile photo:  James Christopher Columbus “Tiger Jim” DavisJames Christopher Columbus “Tiger Jim” Davis
1 Feb 1838 - 6 Aug 1923
Ramah Cemetery
Mershon, Pierce County, Georgia

Profile photo:  James Craig DavisJames Craig Davis
26 Apr 1841 - 4 Apr 1924
Pilot Grove City Cemetery
Pilot Grove, Cooper County, Missouri

Profile photo:  James Deputy DavisJames Deputy Davis
18 Dec 1836 - 23 Apr 1925
Forest Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Middletown, New Castle County, Delaware

Profile photo:  James E. DavisJames E. Davis
28 Nov 1838 - 27 Oct 1924
Druid Ridge Cemetery
Pikesville, Baltimore County, Maryland

Profile photo:  James Edwin DavisJames Edwin Davis
3 Oct 1840 - 22 Feb 1925
Forest Hill Cemetery
Evart, Osceola County, Michigan

Profile photo:  James Harrison DavisJames Harrison Davis
1840 - 1924
Parrish Cemetery
Marion County, West Virginia

Profile photo:  James Henderson DavisJames Henderson Davis
6 Jun 1841 - 27 Apr 1923
Hearn Hill Cemetery
Watertown, Wilson County, Tennessee

Profile photo:  James Knox Polk DavisJames Knox Polk Davis
9 Oct 1842 - 14 Mar 1925
Dale Davis Cemetery
Clay County, Tennessee

Profile photo:  James M. DavisJames M. Davis
1839 - 1925
Mountain View Cemetery
Oakland, Alameda County, California

Profile photo:  James May DavisJames May Davis
1836 - 25 Jan 1925
Pacific Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery
Florence, Lane County, Oregon

Profile photo:  James Mitchell DavisJames Mitchell Davis
26 Apr 1841 - 12 Apr 1923
Hanging Dog Baptist Church Cemetery
Murphy, Cherokee County, North Carolina

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