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On this day, September 21st, we remember the birth of these Confederate Soldiers
Capt J E Adger (1823) — Co. 25th Inf. AQM SC
Pvt William Alderson (1839) — Co. D 34th Inf. MS
Pvt James B Allen (1831) — Co. G 28th Cav. MS
Pvt William H Anderson (1847) — Co. F 18th Inf. MS
3 Cpl John Arnold (1833) — Co. H 23rd Inf. GA
Pvt Henry Atkinson (1838) — Co. E 27th Inf. MS
SgtMaj George C Battle (1834) — Co. 43rd Inf. Sgt.Maj. AL
Pvt John A Beaman (1831) — Co. K 34th Inf. NC
Pvt John Bierman (1833) — Co. C 15th Inf. MS
2Lt G B Bledsoe (1837) — Co. E 6th Inf. MS
Cpl George A Bonner (1844) — Co. H 1st Cav. GA
Pvt Charles E Brown (1836) — Co. H 52nd Inf. GA
Private James Brown (1810) — Co. I 16th Inf. MS
Pvt E W Byrd (1843) — Co. D 9th Cav. MS
Pvt Edward Guy Byrd (1816) — Co. H 5th Inf. St.Troops MS
Drury B Cade (1844) — Co. H 13th Cav. TX
Pvt Joseph A Callender (1845) — Co. B 36th Inf. MS
Pvt Shade Cantrell (1837) — Co. D 13th Cav. TX
Pvt Thomas H Canty (1831) — Co. L 27th Inf. MS
Pvt James Martin Carpenter (1844) — Co. F 23rd Inf. MS
Pvt Charles P Chastain (1848) — Co. C 41st Inf. GA
Pvt William C Coon (1846) — Co. A 16th Inf. MS
Lt James Cunningham (1836) — Co. G 4th Mtd.Inf. KY
Cpl Riley Deloach (1836) — Co. D 50th Inf. GA
Capt William J Donaldson (1824) — Co. A 37th Inf. AR
Pvt Oliver D Etheridge (1843) — Co. G 45th Inf. GA
Pvt J R Everett (1842) — Co. B 1st Lt.Arty. MS
Pvt James Abner Fletchall (1838) — Co. H 22nd Inf. MS
Lt A Flournoy (1832) — Co. H 2nd Inf. LA
Pvt John B Fortner (1839) — Co. K 22nd Inf. MS
Pvt William D Garner (1841) — Co. D 5th Cav. 63rd St.Troops NC
Pvt Bryant Gilmore (1825) — Co. E 37th Cav TX
Pvt Charles H Gordon (1840) — Co. B 33rd Inf. MS
Cpl Thornberry Green (1818) — Co. B 12th Inf. GA
Pvt Mtor Guillory (1845) — Co. B 2nd ResCorps LA
Pvt James Hall (1816) — Co. C 22nd Inf. MS
Pvt R F Harrell (1841) — Co. E 24th Inf. TN
Pvt David M Hemingway (1838) — Co. G 18th Inf. MS
Cpl James D Hendricks (1837) — Co. D 5th Inf. MS
Pvt A G Herring (1836) — Co. C 35th Inf. MS
Pvt George W Hull (1831) — Co. A 11th Perrins Cav. MS
Surg Henry Izard (1831) — Co. H 37th Inf. MS
Pvt* Adam King (1838) — Co. B 24th Cav. TX
Pvt William R Kirkpatrick (1836) — Co. A;G 31st Inf. MS
Pvt Augustus Lafitte (1839) — Co. A 11th Inf. LA
Pvt Albert J Martin (1835) — Co. C 33rd Inf. MS
1Sgt John J Martin (1844) — Co. I 9th Inf. GA
Pvt Presley Mason (1841) — Co. D 23rd Inf. NC
Pvt Jesse M Maxwell (1842) — Co. C 33rd Inf MS
Pvt Thad S McCluney (1836) — Co. E 44th Inf. MS
Pvt R S McLemore (1830) — Co. F 27th Inf. LA
1 Lt John W Meeks (1833) — Co. B 52nd Inf. GA
Pvt J Mitchell (1847) — Co. G 5th Res. GA
Anderson J Moss (1825) — Co. 26th Inf. ACS LA
Pvt Wells W Mote (1815) — Co. H 1st Inf. St.Guards GA
Pvt Henry Muller (1821) — Co. H 38th Cav. MS
Pvt Patrick Murray (1843) — Co. G 12th Inf. MS
Pvt George Fennell Newton (1841) — Co. C 61st Inf. GA
Pvt W T Parramore (1839) — Co. G 13th Inf. GA
Pvt Jerome B Patton (1837) — Co. F 2nd Inf MS
Pvt Ben W Pearce (1842) — Co. G 4th Inf. TX
Pvt Aaron Phillips (1832) — Co. I 40th Inf. MS
J A Pope (1846) — Co. G 5th Cav. GA
Pvt Elias Richard Porter (1837) — Co. A 29th Inf. MS
Lt Turner D Scott (1822) — Co. H 6th Cav. VA
Pvt A J Smith (1833) — Co. H 42nd Inf. AL
2Lt W G Smith (1830) — Co. I 40th Inf. GA
Sgt George W Snapp (1829) — Co. H 2nd Cav. VA
Private William Noble Sparks (1838) — Co. B 20th Cav. TX
4 Sgt Thomas W Storey (1841) — Co. C 24th Inf. GA
Pvt Elijah W Tisdale (1839) — Co. K 8th Inf. MS
Cpl S C Vaughan (1827) — Co. B 43rd Inf. MS
Pvt J B Walker (1818) — Co. A 2nd St.Cav. MS
Pvt M C Wall (1847) — Co. G 8th Inf. MS
Pvt Zachariah Wallace (1838) — Co. B 7th Inf. MS
Pvt Marcus W Warlick (1844) — Co. G 39th Inf. GA
Pvt S C Weathersby (1842) — Co. K 7th Inf. MS
Pvt J F Wheeler (1824) — Co. C 2nd Inf. MS
Pvt W A Whitehurst (1844) — Co. A 1st Inf. AR
Cpl M W Wilson (1839) — Co. F 17th Inf. AL
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