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On this day, December 8th, we remember the birth of these Confederate Soldiers
Pvt V B Adair (1842) — Co. C 11th Inf. GA
2Lt H H Allison (1840) — Co. K 11th Cav. TX
Pvt D R Blackshear (1843) — Co. G 4th Inf. TX
Pvt R S Bowden (1841) — Co. B 32nd Inf. GA
Cpl James P Britton (1839) — Co. I 45th Inf. GA
Pvt J W Brooks (1841) — Co. C 8th Cav. GA
Pvt S A Burton (1840) — Co. A 5th Inf. TN
Pvt Bryant Cason (1842) — Co. E 49th Inf. GA
Pvt James B Champion (1846) — Co. F 44th Inf. MS
Capt R D Chapman (1839) — Co. E 55th Inf. GA
2Lt J H Childers (1840) — Co. G 27th Inf. MS
Pvt David J Christmas (1835) — Co. I 18th Inf. GA
Asst Surg J L Cornish (1828) — Co. 13th Cav. Asst.Surg. TX
Private Ambrose Culpepper (1829) — Co. C 40th Inf. AL
2Lt Green R Davidson (1842) — Co. A 10th Diamonds Cav. KY
Pvt Chapman L Davis (1825) — Co. C 37th Inf. MS
Pvt Lewis Dick (1833) — Co. F 17th Inf. LA
Pvt Daniel Drawdy (1840) — Co. K 32nd Inf. GA
Sgt Robert M Dupriest (1839) — Co. C 10th Inf. GA
Pvt John C Ellis (1837) — Co. B 40th Inf. MS
Cpl Robert Evans (1817) — Co. F 36th Inf. MS
Pvt William H Fincher (1828) — Co. H 2nd Cav. St.Guards GA
Pvt George W Grayson (1835) — Co. C 49th Inf. VA
David R B Greenlee (1829) — Co. C 1st Cav. VA
Pvt Robert A Hart (1840) — Co. H 4th Cav. VA
Private William L Heck (1843) — Co. G 17th Lemoynes Inf. AR
Pvt Pleasant Hemphill (1847) — Co. I 1st Reg. GA
2 Lt Abel S Hill (1835) — Co. A 29th Inf. NC
Pvt H C Hooker (1837) — Co. F 10th Cav. TX
Pvt James S Hubbard (1843) — Co. K 2nd Inf. MS
Pvt Benjamin A Johnson (1848) — Co. B 48th Inf. GA
Pvt James Johnson (1843) — Co. D 17th Inf. GA
Pvt James D Johnson (1813) — Co. D 3rd Inf. GA
3Lt George W Keith (1830) — Co. D 31st Cav. TX
2nd Lt James Sinclair Lathem (1844) — Co. D 55th Inf. GA
Pvt John Lockerman (1843) — Co. I 18th Inf. GA
Pvt Benjamin R Lunceford (1832) — Co. C 8th Inf. VA
Pvt C G Lunsford (1825) — Co. C 6th Res. GA
Sgt Joel V Massey (1841) — Co. K 1st Inf. 2nd TX
Pvt Josiah W Massie (1838) — Co. C 16th Inf. MS
C A Maywald (1844) — Co. D 12th Inf. TX
Pvt S D McCallum (1834) — Co. H 12th Inf. MS
Pvt Charles R McIntosh (1838) — Co. K 17th Inf. VA
Pvt J P Mims (1842) — Co. A 18th Inf. GA
Pvt Charles Lee Mixon (1845) — Co. C 7th Inf. MS
Jr 2 Lt James Harvey Murphy (1822) — Co. K 40th Inf. GA
Pvt Martin S Nevels (1841) — Co. C 4th Cav. MS
Pvt J R Ogden (1841) — Co. B 54th Inf. GA
2Lt Lemuel B Phillips (1843) — Co. A 11th Inf. MO
N Porter (1831) — Co. D 20th Inf. SC
Pvt J C Portis (1842) — Co. B 8th Inf. MS
Pvt William Raney (1845) — Co. A 11th Inf. MO
Pvt William T Reddish (1842) — Co. B 54th Inf. GA
Pvt Solomon S Reed (1831) — Co. B 15th Cav. TX
Sgt M C Scott (1842) — Co. A 2nd Mtd.Rifles AR
Pvt H L Smith (1835) — Co. B 9th Inf. GA
Pvt Nathan G Stanford (1845) — Co. G 3rd Inf MS
Pvt Richard T Taliaferro (1831) — Co. A 42nd Inf. MS
Pvt J L Tippitt (1840) — Co. B 29th Inf. MS
Pvt Harris Tomlinson (1828) — Co. G 50th Inf. GA
Pvt Richard Tullos (1826) — Co. A 4th Cav. MS
Pvt Green W Warren (1833) — Co. B 12th Inf. LA
Pvt W F Webb (1845) — Co. E 4th Inf. MS
Sgt L H Wedgeworth (1821) — Co. E 35th Inf. MS
Pvt Benjamin White (1838) — Co. D 21st Inf. MS
Pvt Dempsey Whittington (1838) — Co. K 7th Inf. MS
Pvt Wylie Wills (1839) — Co. K 60th Inf GA
Pvt G M Woodley (1848) — Co. B 4th Res. GA
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