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On this day, May 27th, we remember the birth of these Confederate Soldiers
Pvt Thomas J Beynon (1840) — Co. G 2nd Cav. TX
Pvt S L Birdwell (1844) — Co. K 10th Cav. TX
Pvt J F Brown (1839) — Co. I 32nd Inf. GA
Pvt William McD Bryan (1845) — Co. C 1st Inf. GA
Pvt W E Buckner (1842) — Co. I 19th Inf. GA
Pvt William J Carson (1835) — Co. C 3rd Inf. LA
Pvt John M Chapman (1837) — Co. A 40th Inf. GA
Pvt D F Cole (1845) — Co. E 5th Res. GA
Pvt Daniel J Cook (1841) — Co. C 12th Inf. GA
2nd Lt Alfred Benton Cooper (1835) — Co. B 27th Inf. LA
Capt John W Critz (1842) — Co. A 42nd Inf. VA
Surg William Wallis Cross (1841) — Co. 30th Inf. Asst.Surg. LA
Pvt A J Dula (1843) — Co. A 22nd Inf. NC
Cpl William H Y Dutton (1837) — Co. D 2nd Cav MO
Perine H Fant (1843) — Co. B 17th Inf. MS
Pvt Henry T Fitts (1829) — Co. C 43rd Inf. GA
4Sgt B C Fuller (1831) — Co. I 23rd Inf. GA
Pvt Charles Gamble (1840) — Co. C 8th Inf. GA
Everett E Godard (1828) — Co. E 44th Inf. GA
Pvt O R Griffin (1844) — Co. B 3rd Clacks Inf TN
Pvt Ezekiel Hall (1847) — Co. I 4th Inf. GA
Pvt Stephen Hall (1842) — Co. F 43rd Inf. GA
Pvt H J Harriss (1841) — Co. G 13th Inf. GA
Pvt John A Hatcher (1845) — Co. F 10th Inf GA
Lt.Col. Robert Frederick Hoke (1837) — Co. K 33rd Inf. NC
Sgt Sydney F Holditch (1825) — Co. I 2nd Inf. MS
Pvt Robert E Houston (1839) — Co. I 11th Inf. MS
3 Sgt Henry M Jackson (1845) — Co. A 40th Inf. GA
Pvt James H Johnston (1841) — Co. A 7th Cav. KY
Capt E D Kelley (1836) — Co. K 4th Roddeys Cav. AL
Private Cicero Kirkland (1843) — Co. G 15th Inf. AL
Pvt J M Latham (1835) — Co. B 2nd Cav. LA
Pvt Benjamin H Lewis (1844) — Co. A 22nd Inf. MS
Pvt Robert Long (1827) — Co. A 14th Inf. TX
Cpl Henry Loudermilk (1844) — Co. K 18th Inf. GA
John A Lyons (1835) — Co. E 22nd Inf. VA
1Lt John L Mathews (1828) — Co. E 61st Inf. GA
Pvt Mathew McCoy (1833) — Co. G 16th Inf. MS
Pvt William P Mixon (1842) — Co. B 33rd Inf. MS
Pvt Thomas G Owens (1842) — Co. I 40th Inf. AL
Pvt S S Patterson (1831) — Co. I 15th N.W. Inf. Emergency AR
Pvt F M Rembert (1823) — Co. E 3rd St.Troops Cav. MS
4Sgt Andrew A Roe (1839) — Co. D 40th Inf. GA
2Lt Stephen B Rollins (1838) — Co. E 47th Inf. VA
Lt G S Rutherford (1830) — Co. K 10th Inf. New MS
Pvt John B Snell (1843) — Co. I 43rd Inf. MS
Pvt T W Snipes (1831) — Co. A 2nd Inf NC
Pvt Elias Sosebee (1844) — Co. A 24th Inf. GA
Pvt George M Souter (1834) — Co. A 56th Inf. GA
Pvt Albert O Sudduth (1835) — Co. H 6th Cav. VA
Sgt E L Sykes (1846) — Co. C 12th Cav. MS
1Sgt W J Taylor (1812) — Co. H 3rd St.Troops Cav. MS
Pvt J S Thomas (1816) — Co. G 6th Cav. MS
Pvt John J Vanderford (1830) — Co. I 12th Inf. MS
Pvt William J Vincent (1843) — Co. G 22nd Inf. GA
Pvt Andrew R Walker (1828) — Co. A 2nd Inf. MS
Cpl Wiley M Watkins (1830) — Co. D 28th Inf. AL
Capt Andrew J West (1844) — Co. E 41st Inf. GA
Pvt S F Williams (1836) — Co. D 2nd Inf. AR
Pvt Philip Willman (1839) — Co. B 15th Inf. TX
Pvt W B Wilson (1843) — Co. G 23rd Inf. GA
Pvt J F Wright (1842) — Co. A 22nd Inf. SC
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