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On this day, August 19th, we remember the birth of these Confederate Soldiers
James Aaron (1832) — Co. A 34th Inf. AR
Pvt Hugh M Bacon (1841) — Co. F 3rd Cav. GA
Pvt Moses Baker (1834) — Co. K 3rd Inf. MO
Pvt George Bales (1830) — Co. I 25th Cav. VA
Pvt A J Ballard (1841) — Co. K 42nd Inf AL
Pvt George Bean (1844) — Co. C 2nd Inf. MS
J Beckerdite (1840) — Co. A 6th Inf. NC
Col William Bishop (1841) — Co. 9th Cav. TN
Pvt William Conquitt Bobbitt (1840) — Co. C 1st Cav. MS
Surg Edward William Britton (1869) — Co. 3rd Inf. Surg. TX
John Cherry Brown (1833) — Co. D 24th Inf. MS
Pvt George K Bullock (1838) — Co. F 6th Inf. FL
Cpl Charles B Burley (1843) — Co. F 12th Inf. SC
Capt Edward Carter (1843) — Co. K 8th Inf. VA
Sgt William H Compton (1834) — Co. E 37th Inf. VA
Sgt James Lewis Connor (1839) — Co. I 35th Browns Cav. TX
Cpl R Crowder (1840) — Co. B 49th Inf. AL
Pvt L M Current (1840) — Co. E 12th Inf. TX
Pvt Eles B Davison (1836) — Co. F 10th Inf. Old MS
Cpl A J Deal (1844) — Co. A 22nd Inf. NC
Jr 2Lt Albert G Dobyns (1834) — Co. K 33rd Inf. MS
Frank B Fowler (1834) — Co. E 3rd Cav. MO
B G Gilbreath (1842) — Co. G 49th Inf. AL
Pvt B R Golden (1833) — Co. A 60th Inf. AL
3Lt Thomas G Harrison (1838) — Co. K 41st Inf. MS
Cpl J N Harvard (1837) — Co. C 55th Inf. GA
Pvt H P Harvey (1846) — Co. C 3rd Res. GA
Pvt John Huey (1826) — Co. B 43rd Inf. GA
Pvt Benjamin Franklin Jackson (1840) — Co. E 15th Inf. 2nd TX
1Lt W A Kirkpatrick (1837) — Co. C 17th Inf. LA
Cpl H J Kolb (1835) — Co. G 28th Cav. TX
Pvt David Levy (1829) — Co. I 30th Inf. LA
Pvt William Lockett (1833) — Co. D 1st Inf. TX
Cpl Samuel B Maxey (1839) — Co. K 22nd Cav. TX
Pvt Jacob McDaniel (1837) — Co. C 33rd Inf. VA
Capt A M Moore (1830) — Co. K 40th Inf. AL
Sgt D J Newton (1844) — Co. F 27th Inf. GA
Sgt J A Nichols (1815) — Co. A 8th Inf. MS
2LT William A Patton (1837) — Co. C 16th Inf. AL
Pvt William P Peerman (1842) — Co. B 2nd Cav. VA
Pvt James Penfold (1835) — Co. K 7th Cav. TX
Pvt Elijah Pickle (1828) — Co. F 2nd St.Cav. MS
Pvt A Pye (1843) — Co. D 32nd Inf. GA
Sgt H Conner Reid (1835) — Co. F 5th Cav. 63rd St.Troops NC
Sgt William James Richey (1834) — Co. L 48th Inf. MS
Pvt Daniel J Ryle (1842) — Co. B 14th Inf. GA
Pvt Adam Moore Self (1832) — Co. D 36th Cav. TX
2Lt W H Shaw (1826) — Co. I 51st Inf. GA
Pvt W M Stovall (1846) — Co. K 4th Res. GA
OrdSgt William A Stroud (1837) — Co. D 9th Inf. LA
Capt Van B Thornton (1840) — Co. 22nd Cons. Inf. Asst.Surg., LA
Pvt A J Townsend (1819) — Co. E 4th Inf. MS
George S Vineyard (1841) — Co. F 24th Inf. GA
James T Wade (1833) — Co. E 12th Inf. LA
Pvt J A Wamble (1840) — Co. B 20th Inf. MS
2nd Lt George W Weekly (1824) — Co. B 17th Inf. GA
Pvt C C Whitley (1831) — Co. B 17th Inf. LA
Pvt Samuel S Windham (1841) — Co. E 43rd Inf. MS
Pvt Thomas A Womack (1840) — Co. C 2nd Cav. TN
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