Information for Broadcasters

Information for Broadcasters

SHOW FORMAT- Shows should be produced regularly for shows aired on weeknights, or weekly for weekend shows.  Shows should be in length between 55-60 minutes per hour long show.  Shows that do not fill a full hour (60 minutes) should be broken into 4 parts for us to add in commercials to fill the extra time.  Shows that are too short in length cause us to lose listeners between shows as we must fill this time with extra commercials or music.  Please be courteous to other broadcasters by not causing a loss of listeners between shows.  Shows should be in final format of MP3 (compressed audio) in order to conserve server space for the station. Shows are broadcast in 64bit audio; shows higher then this are automatically downgraded to fit this. Broadcasters will be assigned access to server via FTP to upload broadcasts, images, show notes, and commercials. If you are unsure how to use this, please contact administrators for instructions. Please also include a 20-50 word summary of each show for use on show notes, in archives, or iTunes, or within advertising; try to ensure that each summary is unique to that days broadcast. All images, broadcasts, commercials, etc. of shows can be freely used by Confederate Broadcasting for advertising, rebroadcast, or any other use; becoming a broadcaster acknowledges acceptance of this policy.

Although we want our broadcasters to express their own thoughts and beliefs, we do have rules for our broadcasters. These are not set in place to remove free speech, rather to maintain the integrity of this radio station. These rules are as follows. Please keep show material family friendly and clean of language or obscenities whenever possible. We understand things happen, especially in live broadcasts, but please limit this. While we do not mind controversial topics or thoughts, please avoid racist and/or bigoted speech. We understand that controversy can bring in listeners, be it could also lose them. As representatives of the current state of the Confederacy, we do not want to be thought of as bigots, racists, or hateful. Shows are listened to regularly by administrators of this site and repetitive to these infractions or other offensive material, as deemed by administers (although we try to give as much leeway as possible) are subject to cancellation from this broadcasting station.

Also, please try to avoid referring to shows as episodes or podcasts. We understand that some of our broadcasters do not produce live shows and consist of amateurs and professionals alike; however, we strive to produce the most natural and best listening experience for our listeners. Time slots are given to shows, but are subject to change because of, but not limited to, the following: higher/lower audience in popular/ prime-time slots, regularity of show production, and infractions of above rules.

LEGALITY-  You can use sound bytes for use of commentary or editorial review freely under the Fair Use Copyright Law.  Additionally, sound clips from movies or songs may be used for sampling in intros, etc; however these should be short and used sparingly.  We will not be responsible for the content of your broadcast.  Please check U.S. laws in regards to broadcasting copyrighted material.

SOFTWARE - The following is information on absolutely free software that is everything that you need to create your own broadcasts for use on 'Confederate Broadcasting.'  They are not required; you may use any software that you wish.  However, these are free and found to be full-featured.

Audacity- A great full featured recording and editing software.  Highly recommended.  Download
LAME MP3 encoder- encoder that will encode audio into MP3 (compressed audio) format.  This is an add-in for Audacity and other software. Download
EXP Soundboard- used to inject sounds into recordings real-time with hotkeys. Download
Skype- Web conference software Download
Google Voice- Great for interviews.  It gives you a phone number for callers to call in.  It redirects call to your home or cellular phone without callers ever knowing your phone number.  It allows calls to be recorded at the touch of a button for crystal clear recording of phone interviews.  http://google.com/voice
Filezilla- full featured FTP software for uploading files to broadcast server. Download

Other recommended software includes Virtual Audio Cables, and other mixer software that allows multiple inputs and outputs for using multiple sources (microphone, Skype, Google voice, etc.)  Remember that when recording, your sound will only be as good as the microphone that you use.  You do not need an expensive microphone, just a quality one.  (I have found USB microphones work well-  I have used one from the Rock Band game for Xbox 360)