About Us Confederate Broadcasting

By now you have probably realized that you have discovered a very special website.  Behind this site thrives an innovative, original, and fresh radio station run by hosts with an unmatched passion for radio.

Confederate Broadcasting is the brainchild of Christopher Rice, a Southern Alabama historian who set out to hosting his own radio show geared towards the spread of historical fact concerning the Confederate States of America and southern heritage.  He set out to carry his vision forward and to form a small Internet radio station that featured talk that listeners could easily relate to and enjoy while working or surfing the Web at home.

With three daily shows, the new station began broadcasting 24 hours a day and quickly gained recognition among listeners who discovered the station mostly by word-of-mouth.  The station quickly grew as more talented people discovered the station and launched their own radio shows. All new hosts were encouraged to produce their own material and say whatever they want, however they want. This created a relaxed, creative environment that has brought the station's hosts together and led to shared effort.

Stay tuned and enjoy the ride with us as we continue to grow and involve the entire Confederate Nation together for the purpose of organization and information sharing.  Together we stand, divided we fall.  Let us stand together; invite your friends to stand with you and with us.   Thanks for listening.