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Why The Battle Flag Matters To Me

Chris Brantley
Wednesday, August 26, 2015 08:20 AM

The Confederate Battle Flag means a lot of things to a lot of people. This is just one man's thoughts. Love it or hate it , really doesn't matter muc to me. See, what matters to me is my Great, Great Grandfather Isaac Monroe Brantley, starving half to death during the 47 day siege of Vicksburg, MS. It matters to me that he was just a poor farm boy in central Georgia, who volunteered to protect kith and kin from the tyrannical evil invading its own citizen's lands. It matters that Seccession was Constitutionally LEGAL. The Proud Southrons who voted for secession were doing so within their rights. The only thing UN-Constitutional was invading with force to collect a tariff. It matters to me that my ancestral lands in Walton Co Georgia were left for ruin during Reconstruction. It matters that the broken families, without men after the War, had to perserve and make ends meet. Widows and children were left to struggle and claw out a survival. It matters to me, that so called Americans could ravage their fellow American's possessions and belongings under the guise of keeping a forsaken Union together. It matters to me, that my poor ancestors, unable to stomach the homeland, picked up and moved west to Alabama. You see, for there, in the Heart of Dixie, my family thrived. It matters to me, that my ancestors stood up in the face of an overbearing and reaching federal government. It matters to me that through hard work my family grew and thrived. It matters that they picked up the pieces and built a proud village named after my Grandfather. Brantleyville in Shelby County Alabama. It matters to me, that the greatest military factions of the day fought for the Confederacy. The Southern people are a strong and resilient type. It matters to me that the Battle Flag references Jesus Christ. It matters to me that the Confederacy was a Christian institution. It matters to me in today's day and times that I'm an Alabamian before an American. People today say the war was over slavery. While I don't doubt slavery as one of many causes for secession, it alone wasn't the sole reason. It matters that states rights mattered to my forefathers. They intended such a small federal presence. They would be so ashamed of the civilization America has become, with all talk of God and patriotism, quieted by the masses.  Steadily increasing tariffs on Southern imports and exports drove a ballooning federal budget. Face facts, the Southern people provided the bulk of the budget from said tariffs paid. Cotton was more valuable than gold. It matters to me the devotion of Stonewall Jackson. It matters to me, the resolve of R E Lee. It matters to me, the daringness of Forrest and Stuart. The ideology and leadership of Davis. It all matters. The unwavering brave from the Southland. They mattered. That was the main reason, Lincoln forced armed action at Sumter. It matters to me, because to so many today, it doesn't. It matters to me, that my Southern heritage is under attack from all angles. It matters to me, that it fly high and forever over the Glorious Southland of America. The Confederate Battle Flag matters to me, because a quarter million Southerners died so that I may carry on in my Southern ways. It matters to me, the mere sound of "Dixie" makes the goosebumps pop up as I think of the sacrifice of so many before me. It matter to me, that my home is the precious Southland. God save the Southland. God bless America. All of it, even the Yankees.   

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