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Misplaced Confederate Soldier

Thomas Grubb
Tuesday, August, Aug 2015 20:42 PM

This is a story about 3 brothers, Pleasant Ritchey, Marvel Ritchie and Ivy Ritchie all served in the Confederate Army. Pleasant was my greatgreat grandfather serving with the 5th Reg Co F North Carolina, Marvel with the 28th Reg Co D North Carolina and Ivy with the 14th Reg Co H North Carolina were my greatgreat uncles on my paternal grandmother's side. Pleasant died a pow at Point Lookout MD, Marvel returned home and Ivy was possibly one of the last killed before the surrender at Appomattox Courthouse. Ivy was killed in an artillery attack that wounded 4 others. The 14th Reg chaplain and another soldier from Co H knew that Ivy's brother Marvel was nearby and went to get him to identify the body. However when he was buried, he was buried in a union cemetary with a union marker stating he was J. Ritchie of 14th New York which wasn't at Appomattox. Over the years there have been several attempts to return his remains to North Carolina to no avail. Several years ago there was a mock trial and they finally proved he was a confederate vet but was to remain in Virginia but his headstone would be changed to reflect his confederate service. Now with proper identification, Ivy is no longer a misplaced confederate soldier, it only took almost 150 years to prove it!

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