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Not a federal fairytale

Kristi Long Wheatley
Tuesday, August, Aug 2015 08:36 AM

  I am a southern belle through and through.  6th generation born on this red dirt.  My childhood filled with the sweet aroma of magnolias so fragrant you knew they were there.  Gentlemen hold
 doors for ladies and ladies know what a real lady is.  Manners so sweet no need for honey on your biscuit.  Then came the civil war and the utter devastation left in Shermans path.  Beautiful southern family homes and estates siezed by the union troops so vile and without a clue as to how a gentleman behaves.  They swarmed into our towns like locust to devour our culture and level our homes.  Noone was safe from these the true traitors who chose to Rape Southern women kill southern children burn our homes to the ground with families still inside.  They stole our livestock as well as anything else they wanted.  Nothing was sacred or safe.  When there was nothing else left to steal and nothing else left to burn and all our people of the south were left amid the union forces complete destruction of what was at one time a showplace like no other.  The federal government was not there ready to rebuild our homes restore our crops or return our livestock.  They didnt offer any assistance to our wounded veterans or the civilians they left in the street after burning everything they owned inside their humble homes.  You see contrary to popular belief not all southerners were wealthy slave owners in fact the majority of slaves were owned by less than 3% of the white population.  Many people are not aware that slavery is not the main reason the war was fought.  I would like to think that in the first issue listed as our reason to secede was to protect states rights.  Our forefathers had enough common sense to see where things were headed and they knew if they didnt fight with their all that we would suffer the same tyranny they had just escaped in England.  Not all slaves were treated like the few shown in social media.  In fact common sense would seem to point the other direction.  Who in their right mind would take their most valuable possession and scuff and break or damage it on purpose.  I know there were evil men who did commit crimes against all human kind by doing the wicked things they dreamt up.  But I also know that slaves in the south had a much higher standard of living than their free counter parts who went north only to live in worse circumstances than they had fled in the south.  They had trouble finding employment and lived in filth a far cry from their life in the south where they had their meals homes clothes all provided.  There were countless freedmen who chose to remain with their "masters" after the war ended.  But these were not the stories you heard from History books...These stories are the omitted truths the us government tried to erase.  My Great grandmothers stories of the confederate veterans missing limbs or an eye.  hobbling on one leg with a cane and emaciated since the us left us in the street penniless to starve to death as the carpet baggers swooped in to prey on our misfortune.  Anything we had left was certainly lost now.  The US government takes care of every kind of people around the world and fights for human rights everywhere.    Everywhere but here.  Everyone but their own.  Everyone but the ones to whom it is truly owed.

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